Intro / The Signing (Skit) Testo

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Testo Intro / The Signing (Skit)

Hey Jin buddy... How you doing?
Yo whats going on man?
Hey what's popping... ah... Im down.
uh... uh... uh.
You knowww... okay.
Did you get a chance to take a look at the contract?
Yeah... we got the contract ready for you to sign today.
How... how we lookin today?
Lookin good... everything is ready... um but uh you sure you ready to...
you gonna be a ruff rider now... uh big time stuff... uh... ride or die... here we go.
I've been waiting my whole life for this man so... lets do this.
Well here you go just sign right here... initial here.
Um hu
There you go.
Right here?
Yeah... yeah thats it.
There you go.
Okay you are signed now. It's... its... its a rap.
Yeah ride or die... okay.
Yo wa what up yo?
Yo get his contract man... let me see this.
I just signed today yo
Aye we gonna work on the album right now?
Forget your album man... yo you know how to fight dogs?
Dogs, we gonna go meet DMX yo?
Stop playing man we are not gonna go meet DMX man.
Do you know how to do doughnuts?
I wanna be a ruff.... doughnuts?
On a bike man... do you know how to ride a bike?
Im kinda ugly.
Do you know how to ride a bike?
Yo you got a hawk?
Hawk... you mean like bird?
You got a gun?
nah a gun?
Why would I have a...bomb yo
Here take that
Yo... hold up... yo I can get...
Yo don't point it at me
Put the shit down
Forget your freestyle
We gonna do an album right?
Yeah yeah yeah... album album album
Cool cool cool
Cause I don't wanna give up...
You gotta get passed lifestyle first!