Ready - If You´re Ready Testo

Testo Ready - If You´re Ready

I think I'm ready, If you are ready To make it right and hold you tight And not regret it – so are you ready? And I don´t care if your dad´s a sheriff Or your mom is stunned that I´m a punk I won´t pretend it ´cause my heart´s still bended But I can lend it or even give it to you cause I just want you to know I´m ready to love I´m ready – If you´re ready – If you´re ready to love me Yeah, yeah, yeah Girl how you rock me, oh you just knock me You knock me of my feet – girl I´m the beat You are the drums I never planned it, no you just stranded You stranded at my shore and now I’m sure I understand it… You always meant it with your eyes so splendid You just let me know what I need to know That you are ready to love I´m ready…. The harder you rock – oh the harder we roll Just let it roll…girl !