Fuck Everything Testo

Testo Fuck Everything

Yo, you might want to turn this shit if you in the whip with your kids
This not the fucking song

Fuck this, fuck off of me
Fuck off don't fucking talk to me
Fuck you mean, "what the fuck's wrong with me?"
Fuck that, quit fucking calling me
Fuck! Where the fuck are we?
Fucking deal, where the fuck are we?!
Fuck clubs! Fuck a party!
Fuck good shit and fuck for free
Fucked around and got a fucking deal
Now she wish we was fucking still
Fucking bitch, I'm fucking real
No fucking chill
Don't fucking care where the fuck you been
Who you fucking? Give a fuck less
Fuck him, fuck her
Fuck them, who the fuck next?
(Fuck this shit nigga!)

Nigga, calm the fuck down bro
Yo Jay chill out bro

Fuck it, I'm fucked up
Word is I'm a fuck up
Ain't work for it, just lucked up
What the fuck? Shut the fuck up!
Fuck with me, I'm fucking with us
They don't fucking know where the fuck I fit in
I can only write what the fuck I'm feeling
I can fucking kill him, not a fuck to give him
Fuck you, fuck excuses
Fuck school, fucking useless
Fuck statuses, fuck to do lists
Fuck rappers, fuck producers
Fuck awards, fuck the trophies
Fuck yours, fuck authorities
Fuck boys, fuck the police
Matter of fact: Fuck everything!

(Phone Ringing)
Yo you good nigga? You was wildin' last night
Yo, yeah man I was fucked up bro
What the fuck happened?