Alchemy Testo

Traduzione di Alchemy bandiera italia

Testo Alchemy

Red velvet curtains
Open noiselessy
Lovers and children
Strain their necks to see
A figure in the dark
Now almost revealed
A swirl of velvet cloak
And now he's disappeared


Close up on the lips
Shiny shiny red
What was that she said?
A lightning flash
A sudden silhouette
"Who's there?" - "A friend"
A glowing cigarette


Thrill - to secrets never told
Taste - the bitter turned to sweet
See - the dross turned into gold
Hear - a B sharp turned to C

Beautiful dancers
Fly into the air
Enchanted by a melody
That isn't really there
The savage beast
Has turned into a man
The curtains close
To open on command