Rush Across The Road Testo

Testo Rush Across The Road

Of all the streets in the world You walk down this one And I see three hundred girls But just want to kiss one Someone that we've loved before Is a love for ever But I never thought you'd floor me again Maybe I should . . . (Chorus) Rush across the road Leave my heavy load behind It just takes a second to know your mind And do what you've got to do I'll - rush across the road to catch up with you Catch up with you Some things come to an end Before they're done with Were we too young to be friends That you just have fun with What were all our fights and fears 'Cause I can't remember And I've had enough of tears anyway So I think I'll . . . (Chorus) Time after time I'm reminded that it's a crime to say I've lost When I decline just to find out the final score Why can't I pass the line and defy the sign that says Don't Cross Or what am I living for Funny how the blink of an eye Can last forever And how we think ourselves dry When it's now or never If I wait for one more sigh You could turn and see me Then I'll never know what I would have done So I'm going to . . . (Chorus)