You Ain't Right Testo

Testo You Ain't Right

If you can't buy groceries this week
Cuz you put your check down on a big screen
You ain't right
Your in your thirties without a job
And you're still living with your mom
You ain't right
You go to your great uncle's wake
And you leave there with a hot date
You find a deer on the side of the road
Check his pulse, then take him home
If you've got to leave early from the bar
Cuz your kids are out waiting in the car
You ain't right

You ain't right
To say the least you're different
A couple quarts shy and a few screws missing
Bless your heart, look around
We're all an ounce or two short of a pound
Lord knows you're not alone
And we're all a little wrong
But you ain't right

Now if your truck cost more than your house
Your girlfriend don't know about your spouse
You ain't right
Or if you're past old enough to drive
And still struggling through JR. High
You ain't right
If your wife's home mowing the lawn
While you're fishing all weekend long
Or you show up late for church
Smelling like beer in a wife beater shirt
Or you're standing in a checkout line
Something reeks and you just smile
No you ain't right

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

Son your lights they may be on
But you're not always home
Yeah we're all a little wrong
But you ain't right