Pepi On The Beach Testo

Testo Pepi On The Beach

He´s on the beach tonight

He´s walkin´ side by side

With his favourite girl

The stars shine bright

That sultry night
So his head´s in a whirl

And the chick at his side is a ten

(So) he wants go all the way

Cause she is tall and tan

She´s so exciting and he´s

after all just a man

Her eyes are promissing

She´s everything to him

Without doubt yes she is a knockout
And he wants her tonight

For having a halluva time

He caress her backside

He says "My darlin´ I´d

love to make love with you

Here on the beach I´ll

give you a treat

And we will have an Arabian Night"

She says "I know what you mean

You want me to give birth to your child"

He´s on the beach tonight

It´s still a sultry night

He takes his sweet in his arms

Fondle´s her neck he devotes to her charm

Yes she is a knockout she´s a hon

They are lovers you see

It is Pepi and his guitar on the beach

© jok 2003, Musik: JOK & THE BLUES TOOLS

Text: Jochen Klein, Tonart: G