Hello Testo

Testo Hello

Yeah, somebody tell me who current
Now they spotting for certain
I'm the new wave of wipe them out watch them run from my current
Show my dick to the world and see nothing is pervert
This is Pee Wee Herman jerking in public, can you picture that perfect
So provocative, drop more power, more important than vodka is
I am the fly city, where superman is the metropolis
How he do it, he keep more coming, keep dropping on top of shit
They be thinking they heard this... shit
Then he just topped the shit
I am, the best in the world, I'm the ultimate optimist
I am currently in my prom, they calling me optimist
Follow this is, why people finding it this
I'm a motherfucker like I follow...
While I see if the counterfeits huh?
This is dominance, I be making hits and I don't know if I'm a miss
Y'all hollowed out on empty promises
Just lay down I know you tired of this
When are you tired of this
And I have made my lyrics tighter than a viper's grip
Go ahead, get mad, homie, I am your step that
This nigga's fucking mommy and you just gotta accept that
Imagine me telling you you was laying where we have sex at
We laying on your bed, she doing what she was best at
Ewww, your motherfuckers know the deal
Your career make your mom wish that she was on the pill
When I say I run game that just mean I play the field
Till my warm up drills look like a highlight real
Go and shine, I get the lime life still
I'm ahead of my time, this how high... I feel
Now I'm talking big banks, get your mind right feel
Cause I'd rather go out like will if you will
One time in the sky if you real
I tell whack niggas, nigga chill, you for real?
Cold flow people get chills when they hear them
I'm so fly, just flew by nigga, vvvvveeeeeeuuuuummm
And I can't stop
I hate when niggas in the game come up to me
Trying to name drop
Fuck them, supposed to be impressed another nigga name hot
Yo name nothing, I'm just tryina make my name pop
9 times out of 10 we probably in the same spot
But niggas think they bigger than they is
That's why the game shot, fake niggas lost
Soon as the fame stop, that's why
OG's embrace me, like I hit the game shot
Keep hitting with these lines... stop
Nobody better, flow is wetter than a rain drop
Scorching, you can tell nigga I'm... hot
... brain on the same shit that bang out
Worldwide,.. in Bangkok
Animal on the dick like a...
High shit, like there's flames on my veins
Ah, my break shot, that just mean that I can't stop.