Make It Right Testo

Testo Make It Right

every night and every day
I sit and wonder how it all went wrong
out of sight and out of place
and everybody know there's somethin'
all my people need a taste
of wonder knowin' what it's all about
and everytime I open up my voice
gon' let my Spirit work it out
we gon' make it right
we gon' get together
all my Heaven know
we gon' take it high too
human nation gonna know
won't be long before
we gon' make it right ya'll
we gon' make it better
won't be long before
we gon' make it right
hold on stay strong
in your life
whisper in my ear my darlin'
that you'll always be here by my side
I'm gonna tell you what I know
and that is everlasting love is mine
when you know a love is lasting
you hold on to it with all your might
let it grow into a masterpiece
gon' hold you close and pull you tight