One nation Testo

Testo One nation

There's a tribe on the world they are dancin' ou the scene groovin' to the rhythm of a drum machine they sing for one nation ONE NATION ONE NATION do it to me brother do it to me sister everybody dance everybody dance one nation, one way to be the same, I'm bored to see the people never love just hate, education that's what we need a good one, to make us all believe in a better day, to be in love for a colour not black or white but red, 'los red is the colour of love, that you gotta give to the people who need, like the kids in the street, now listen..... together in the same boat, note, that we're afloat, an it's wrote, that we are people of the same seed, indeed, we feed and need to select, a way together to conect, respect the other, cos the other brother is a member of the same game, riding on the same train, along with this track, don't turn your back, some partipation please, as we a one nation. One nation with the rythm from the heartbeat, ticking in time in life together, that's what we need, to forget, not neglect, but protect an select, a way to treat brothers equal an correct, life is too short to belived in the wrong way, to make things clear make sure you have your own say, 91's here to be strong with each other, go forward together like sisters and brothers. YEAH!!!!!!!!