It's You Testo

Testo It's You

I’'ve got something to say to you
I knew that One day this day is bound to come
To express my love, to express how I feel
All I could think of is making love to you
No more running away
No more hard accept me
Its just me and you
I wanna make you happy
for you have me, for you have me
It’s so hard baby to find the one
It ‘s you baby you’re the one

Now I feel like I’m on top of the world
This love is just an age away
Let us celebrate our love to a better day
The first time I met you
Till you fronted to a smile
You looked at me with something in your mind
We chatted and we laughed, we kissed and we kissed
Temperature’s rising
We got so excited
Now you don’t want to let this go
What d’you wanna do about us?
I can’t let this go, don’t let me go

Wanna make you happy