Change Testo

Testo Change

Change Feat.Lupe Fiasco

Verse 1

There's So Many Things To Say Right Now

I Got So Much On My Mind
Look At What Is Going Down

How Much Higher Can We Climb

The System That We're Living In

Depends On Poverty And Greed

But People Don't Need Charity

It's Justice That We Need


There's Disrepair

It's Surrounding You
And It's Worse Than It's Ever Been

We'll Overcome

Overcome The Things They Do

We're Halfway There

Cause We Know The Truth

But Living Is Another Thing

We'll Overcome

Overcome The Things They Do

Lift Your Voice And Sing


A Change Is Coming Our Way

Step By Step And Day By Day

We'll Live By All That We Say

Step By Step Now Come What May


There's War All Around The World

In The Name Of Democracy

Can't Tell The Rogue From The Just

When They Bring Hypocrisy

I See My Sisters On The Move

Making Sure We All Contend

Must've Lost Something On The Way

We Reduced Ourselves Again




Before We Go Forth

We Gotta Take'em Back, Back

So We Can Know What We Did

Cause If We Never Know What Happened In The Past

Then We Can Never Know, That's What It Is

If We Don't Do It For Us,

We Gotta Do It For Our Kids, Kids

So They Don't Gotta Relive

See There's So Much Happening, It Ain't Gonna Get Fix

With Singing And Rapping And We Gotta Take Action

And Turn That Preach Into Practising

Cause What Happen Back Then, Will Be Right Back Again

But Each One Teach One, Cause We Only As Fast

As The Last One Straggling, So Help'em Out


Step By Step Day By Day

Said It Won't Be Long It Won't Be Long

Step By Step Come What May

I Feel It Coming On Strong

Step By Step Day By Day

We Gonna Overcome

Step By Step Come What May

As Long As We Are One