Start Over Testo

Testo Start Over

Meet Angie, she got the heart of an angel

But is running low on self-esteem

Her family was her ma and her grandma

Soon to be a constant theme

Now Adam became a part of a pattern
That he'll probably never understand

Just added another home that got broken

To this No-Man's-Land

Think about it

Just cause your papa wasn't there

Don't give you the right to do the same

To pack your thins and disappear

Think about it

You're trying to act like you don't care

Telling youself you're not to blame
Just to regret it through the years


When it feels lika a cycle that you just can't break

It seems we don't learn from the mistakes we make

You look at the pieces that you can't mend

Start over, it ain't over, start all over again

Start over, it ain't over, you got to start all over again

Now Lukas always got an excuse

And can't live up to what he should achieve

He uses and takes advantage of his woman

Not even trying to succeed

And Susan wasn't born with a silver spoon in her mouth

Keeps moving through hard work and dedication

Never had to do without

Think about it

You can't save every man who needs you

Cause you been down and out before

You deserve so much more than that

Think about it

So busy trying to keep it true

That you're neglecting what is yours

Just take your time you'll find your match