Way back home Testo

Testo Way back home

Ahhh, there's good and bad things about the South, boy

Ohhh, it sure leave a bitter taste in my mouth now

Yeaa, like the black man livin across the tracks

White man on the other side holdin him back

Way back home now

Ahhh, but we won't talk about that cause it's understood

Yeaa, the white see the bad, but what about the good

Ohhh, I'd give anything just to smell that scent

Of honysuckle growin on a backyard fence

Way back home now

Ahhh, git the scent now

(Way back home)

Yeaa, Way back home
(Way back home)

Oh back home

I love to Smell the wetness of grass and trees

and sweetgum kissed by honeybees

Like way back home now

Ohhh, the childhood days are dead and gone

Ohhh, but the memories still linger on

Ohhh, have you ever gone swimmin in a muddy creek

With nothing on your body from head to feet

Way back home, yeaaa

Ohhh, like ta play the games like hide and seek

Yeaa, and skate through the breeze on the hill less streets

Ohhh, I know some kids still play those games

But when they play it just ain't the same

Like way back home

Yeaa, just sing it ya'all

(Way back home)

Ahhh, way back home, way back home

(Way back home)

Ohh, Lord

Ohhh, I really miss those things that are faded away

I remember them like it was yesterday

Now way back home

(Way back home)

(Way back home)

(Way back home)

(Way back home)