All The Time Testo

Testo All The Time

It's been about a week since i saw ya baby
i still feel ya hand in mine
it's memories of us that keep me strong baby
and it's only a matter of time

that i have you in my arms again
that i feel your heart beating next to mine
and i have no doubt about this love
and you are the only one i'm thinking of

I can't be without you
I'm goin outta my mind
your the sun, brighten up my day
i need your shine
i can't be without you, love
every moment of every day baby
i think about you all the time

when we're on the phone
it's just you and me, but so bittersweet
i don't feel at home
cause if home is where the heart is
with you is where i live

the distance seems so much
but it can't compare to what we have
just trust in this love baby
and I'll prove to you this love will last