Goodbye Testo

Testo Goodbye

I'm politically incorrect
and damn proud of it
I love my country
but I'm scared to death of its government
Ya believe what you read
cause it's all that they give ya
Cause all of history is written by winners
I'm engaged in a frenzy
of mass self-destruction
I feed upon your famine to fuel my corruption
I'm whole-selling hatred
and international incest
To carnivorous hyenas in a global theft fest
I've mastered the arts of death
and foreign nations genocide
And those who turn on me
commit national suicide

I'm the queen of the global dream
And I rule a declining nation
I sit and watch all the violent screams
From the throne of your desperation
I killed them all and stole their land
Enslaved the blacks and slaughtered the red man
In God we trusted and I gave birth
To would be kings to rule the earth

I have more pigs than I have tits to feed
I embrace the world's phoney leaders
And hold the sucklings to my breast
And I'd fool you all as I'd feed ya
I'll prop you up then strike you down
And lick your blood up from your ground
My empire's falling down

"The hour is late, the clock of destiny is ticking out. America has become a schizophrenic personality. For years, most of these people have been dominated politically, exploited economically, segregated and humiliated by some foreign power. America has trampled over the dream. The price that the United States must pay is the price of its own destruction!"

Breakdown, Goodbye America
So long the music's died
Freedom's last hero's wasted
I made you, I'll break you
Breakdown, Goodbye America
It's all gone, kiss it goodbye
There on bloody bended knees where
my nation died