LA Leakers (Outro) Testo

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Testo LA Leakers (Outro)

Ah shit, that’s how you feelin K-Boy?
Yo man, K-Boy the prince
Justin Credible, DJ Sour Milk
LA Leakers on this thing man
It’s been dope and we wanna thank you all for rocking with us
The turn up’s been like no other, you feel me?
Yes sir man
Shout out to we all music group
Jazzy Management
Breezy for all them banging ass beats
Guido the nose on the board
Shout out Ace, Type Dollar
You already know what it is
Family, Problem, Kendrick Lamar, Scheme
Yea sir, 1500 or nothing
Envy and conflict, we are the La Leakers man and this was Blue Dolphin
Yea the mixtape man
Turn up! Be safe at the same damn time baby
Check us out at LA Leakers on Twitter
LA Leakers on that Instagram shit
And LA Leakers dot com, that’s the website
Salute to west coast, salute K-Boy the prince
You know what it is