Commandante Testo

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Testo Commandante

Este su mensage de amor y compassion
para que todos los ninos, mujeres y los
veraderos sombres del norte mundo a que o sombres que protejen a los del vides que la mar de mundo jueva montana y solo via por encima de todos los cosas.

This is an ambush

Yo, check it
Lookin' at my watch it's about that time
To ascend with this art of Zen another rhyme
Manifested in the physical miracle emceein'
Leadin' to a revolution or solution of seein'
The mind as it rotates make no debate
When I regulate
All agendas will terminate
Cause we cut and slice
Irrelevence to the bone
And decapitate rappers that idolize Al Capone
Or Jimmy Hopper
Not a hip hop copper
Just a vigilante with a mic that'll shot ya
Chopped the
Beat up ammo
Proceeded to rock the
Bells livin' quite well still we gotta hop the
Train, raw like Big Dane Kane
Plus I'm born on the same day as Kurt Cobain
Rap nirvana call me the beat pirana
Without the drama
Don't get this wrong this revolution song
Hopin' the wind can blow your way for once
A man is truly dead when confident
That's why we're all still waiting here so long

I'm the water and the fish
Made a wish now I'm stuck for lyrical catalyst
I don't eat fish
Chicken or hamburger
But I eat phony emcees on a hot plate
God's great
Magnificient and beneficient
This is militant
In particular significant
To the people
Masses, lower classes
Makin' the hardest of hard
Collodal and flacid
Contaminants with backstage laminants
You, unoriginal thoughts that's why we stay adamant
With frequencies to alter the mind state
Makin' time wait
Holdin' the self for hostage
I lost it
Somewhere back in '96
When it's safe for playin' the game
I'm back in the mix
With a brand new bag
Of magic and pixy dust
Love hip hop
Pray it never turns into lust
Sing it out



Commandante come back home [3x]
That's why were all still waiting here so long