Follow Me Testo

Testo Follow Me

Positivity, that's my man
And to the one Godzillah, understands
The deep, Cole got the beat
And to the one that fit, is for the street
And contents of the Pressure
Knows the deal, and to the girl, Victory
You make me feel, but my man John Salle'
We keep it down, Figure Four kinda love
I pull out the mic, and shock MC's for spite
Whatever I write, magnifies heavenly sight
You said you shinin', but that really means you reflect
I absorb light within my pores and then connect
With the righteous one, he told me son, "Forget it
Live your life for the truth don't anyone ever let it."
Shed often, trapped on the Earth light walkin'
I meditate day to day so I can stay on the right path
How many know just what I'm feelin'?
The Eart keep revealin' songs you can't sing
To the non-believers, deceivers that can't see this
They blind to the fact but I can't relax
I keep runnin' see the light towards the sun and
They keep shunnin', but I bow my head to The One and
I can't lie, so you for it, I want to fly
Up to the heavenly hills where love chills

(Chorus: K-OS)
He told me, "Son, follow me
And I will come to."
He told me, "Son, follow me
And I will come to."

My method is wild, original style
Acoustic, some'll refuse it
Cause they don't know the real
The Seventh Seal, is broken so I be smokin'
On these whack rappers, cause they never knew the time
Easy to find, out the way things are
But how it's supposed to be is to far
For your mind to grasp so you follow the mass
Playin' the role of a mack, but deep inside the mack knows
The spirit is under attack, and I lead the war
With my battalion, lyrical stallion, riding
Dividing the sheep from the golden lyrical quote
If not you could get smoked, by the mind is sore genius
I mean this I guarantee you never seen this before
Rappin' over guitars and finger snaps
My rapid raps, open a whole fire bun
He told me son, so check it out

(Chorus: K-OS)

(Red 1)
Yo, my war's against the foundation
Of a global united nation
When humans rule the world
By the codes of free mason
Hallucinated, by the quest for domination
An equation, which equals the battle station
Ready to bust, capture and crush
Move a nine of us, stealth style rebellious
Prefer profile, cause the beast is hideous
So move agile, seek the facts and compile
More wisdom, smokin' isms
That your knowledge and your children
Give thanks and it has nothin' to do
With the fuckin' Pilgrims
Startin' the curriculum, the Devil wants to be Ichiban
Interception is how this is done
But by the locks of the dreaded don aka Red 1
We'll emerge the champion cause the war is on
So grab your Teflon, your muskets and your swords
And peace love and unity will be your reward

(Chorus: K-OS) x3