Frequencies Testo

Testo Frequencies

This is re-evolution
What's your destination?
Maybe star status amongst the constellations
No conversation without contemplation
Premier lyricist in deep concentration
Or you'll suffer severe complications
Straightening learning curves with re-education
First lesson-
Never question my dedication
Most of ya'll are in it
For commercial presentation
No rockin' without the proper documentation
Fuckin' with it before you're committed
Is fornication
I rock hard
With a rock-hard fortification

MCs are either pimps, players
Killers or murderers
We drop jewels like
Two clumsy-ass burglars
Straight tripping on MCs
More than Vincent
Blow 'em out like weak amps
Made by Jensen
Don't even listen
We're too deaf to hear
Last year went up MCs like pap smears
Stand clear
Front on this - you get the rear
Shed tears
What you feel now is fear

Recording engineers...

Yo, my mic's made of
Steel stainless to leave you nameless
Ice grill you faceless
Death by the rhyme is painless
School MCs and they're still gameless
Move through the optical source
Guided with God force
And they're still lost
Strength like two tons
Spit like two guns
Ya crew's too done
Two to none
For freshness
Preferred K-otix ten to one
Rhyme blaze MCs
Equivalent of the sun
I make your technology look like pitty pat
Silly that, ya still coming with witty raps
Old schoolin' fools like Skoob & Scrap
Come with foolish raps
Record sales turn into
A toilet full of crap

K-O-T-I next degeneration
Shook like you're looking through
Books of revelation
In every rhyme I'm speaking
I'm seeking this vindication
For us to stop evolving
There's never an indication
Never gracing tracks
With wack representation
Outpacing every other in this generation
Manipulating metaphors to form alliterations
Whoever tests
Is facing a critical situation
Space that you're wasting
Facing obliteration
K-O station identification
Hesitance leads to definite devastation
K-O-T-I-X collaboration