Easy Sport Testo

Testo Easy Sport

Bro got a itch I told him if that's how you feel then come and go
I ain't gotta know much detail, I do chest and neck for bro
Dem man chat but badder than who?
Can't war with a one pop, big man jump off, minimum 2 when I dump off

Guns and smoke was a easy sport, nuttin' but thrills when we roll on dem
Sixty secs when I cook this yola, thirty secs when I load this skeng
All this miles when I flip this package, I love weekends they're rapid
We ain't really into the chatting, you ever seen the 3 or matic?
Everyone talking bare don't talk 'bout boots to sort a pair
Bro on a glide just take my skeng, even when I don't go I'm sort of there
Keep them