All I Am Testo

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Testo All I Am

Yeah (lalala lala lalala)

You pricks are pissing in the wind if you think I'm gonna back down
I'd rather grab my pistol and bang out.
I'm official with a pistol .. man down
30 goons came to bridge and ran out
I had to tell to tell my youngers stand down
These pricks didnt bring sticks they brought planks out
How you gonna bring wood to a gun fight and get run up out the hood?.. Dumb guys
Internet murders with no burner
My youngers slap the ting like Ike Turner
Don't you know we eat beef like a nice burger
Big Mac with extra cheese and get your lights turned out
So it's best you turn your life around
Or end up with your guys in the ground
I'm fed up with this messing about
It's about time we put this ???

2nd Verse
(lalala lala lalala)
A man could never put his hand on me and get away wid it
Ill get my bang on g .. Yeap K did it
And I bang on beef I don't play gimmicks
I keep my hand on heat and let strays hit him
I'm a man of the streets I don't rate snitchin
Best you mind how you speak or find your brain missing
Get around on the streets on the pave twitching
Fuck this Internet beef why these brehs bitching
If they got a problem best they come and see me
I'm the type to get the job done check ma cv
Got a lot of steps to go before you step to me g
I'm heavy on the road and I step freely
And everywhere I go every hood feels me
And everybody knows you ain't real g
You just sit up on the Internet and spill beans
And make death threats .. Ah bag of real geeks