How Does It Feel (Sex Room Remix) Testo

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Testo How Does It Feel (Sex Room Remix)

[Verse 1:]
I trace his facial features with my fingers
And blessed the texture with kisses on the spots at wich they linger
As he puts pressure on my spine until it tingles
Conversations turn sexual every time our bodies mingle
I'm single, he single, together we get too buck
Practicing passion and then mistakeing it for true love
He took off his jacket, pants and shirt just to suit up
Forget fashion, we in this room like a nude club
The music, up, the lights is down
Sight is lost in darkness, but the senes of touch is found
He leads me with his voice, so I reach out and touch his mouth
And thank God I found it, cause now I don't hear any sounds
He turns me round, zips me down
Drops my dress, picks up my pounds
Sits ms on the table, lays me out
Puts his hands inside my thights and prepares to drown

How do I feel?
(I wanna know, said I wanna know)
How do I feel?
(How do I feel babe, how do I feel babe)
I wanna know right now
How do I feel?
(Ohh, yeah I wanna know, I wanna know, say I wanna know)
How do I feel?
(How do I feel to you baby)

[Verse 2:]
Ice chips drip slow, we don't slip
He kiss mine, lick mine and bit his own lip
If I'm a crime, then that makes him the culprit
Cause he just beat it in, like no one ever told him don't hit
But don't quit, don't stop
Wait, don't move, stay on top
You can speed it up, but don't pop
And please God tell the neighbors, please don't knock
No interruptions before I get my eruptions
Oe before I give you yours, that's the purpose of this funckion
I know you tipsy, cause you in me, like a puncture
So if you ain't wanna hear me whine, you never should of drunk it
But I want it and you like it
Rough, and so do I, so we make love as if we're fighting
Shit, you might lose, baby you might win
Just so you know you'll be KO'ed, before the night end