Liquid Luv Testo

Testo Liquid Luv

[feat. Kid Ink]

Yo body all on my body, I luv the way you swaite them hits on yo body, you can be my fantasy for the night, when you leaving threw the lobby, This liquid luvs got me zonen, how am I suppost to rock this club tonight, when them phantom doors open they yell back seat, raded x let's get litte comfortable, this liquid loves got me zonen! Trone and colable and let me lie, let me pay the hoes to get in line, real love is so smooth it ain't comfortable,

I'm a see girl you turning me on, But only if you nasty (that's how I like it) I know you like it nasty (that's how I like it), she told me that she would be my lover but only for one night, she told me that she'd be my lover if only for one night, well shawtyy that's all I need, a kinda girl waiting back home for me let's get it in {that's how I like it [x2]),

All of buubaaa! [x2]
Please believe I start stending chige of girl ain't coming home witchaaa, I take her back to the Fosies ezzez and lay her down and fuck her down on the furniture, I know I had her when she couden't take her eyes off me, she started dancing toughin my pants an it was killing me, so pleeaaa,

This liquid luv got me zonen, ohtangarange with then jennyjuice and wack mazzereye in his bullet proof, fweisley slay back ain't comfortable, this liqud luv's got me zonen, red boots, callahoots with a hangover, woked up fuckked up from the night befo, ops shawtyy you feelin so comfortable.

[Kid Ink:]
Girl you nasty, ass can't fit in the back seet (That's how I like it) I gotchu walking locksighted I do it big, (TITAN) titan and you bad defying
I got that fire enough ignightion, give me that now girl they lieing... cause I need (eghhh) all the above just one night is more then enough
And you so fly it's more then above so drunk off of that liquid luv... juss take it slow like sub, kllin' em prolly pulled up in a huss
Lookin' like a murdera anything you should tell me first (tell em)