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Testo $

In his eyes beams the fire of ambition, his mind is athirst for knowledge. Worldly goods are in his sight shekels to his character. Virtue is the root, and wealth an outcome

Don't place win it, just no snakes in it, play the grass safely
A trust every cut is nuts won't let 'em castrate me
If happen to make cash, don't let the cash make me
Regardless I'm a guarded artist, never graph hasty
No fame, but became a favorite cause they know I labored
That's when heart allow you market value, they overrate it
That show is dated, slowly faded, could meet eternal
Can battle hard against catalogs with one leafy journal
Broke and filthy, innocence safe from cloaked and guilty
Every session respectfully reppin', hope the 'ville see
My civil aims - to get a little change and be still me
Even if max bustin' back to dust, you can't kill sheep
I need money

It's been blessed winters, and diamonds in attire
Watch me blueprint rec centers, I'm tryin' to inspire
I'ma blitz to get rich, feed alone starvin'
Give em gift, hotter fish, and seed they own garden
The right meals reveal destinations, life skills
Bless the next generation with bills, write wills
I need money, not for trivial material
Just to fix our floors, the whole cause is ethereal
What you minin' for? If unaware share with blind and poor
You tellin' stories that's celebratory in times of war
With bars of greed, I plead, how many cars you need?
When fathers bleed to fill ribs of kids that hardly read
Fuck your little rhymes, and the new finds you purchased
If you ain't buyin' no soup for them soup lines and churches
You ain't never built, your intermission is demolition
Jesus piece and cross you lost, be men of vision
I admit it never did it, cause I long for cream
And I see benefits cause plenty chips will form the scene
If I gain dough, you know it ain't a show of havin' more lucks
I be sortin' so orphans can know a Daddy Warbucks
I need money
Watch what I do when done gatherin' mine
Make many with options, a few just a matter of time
Hoardin' not supportin', that's how the savage shine
Your disrespect and disconnect is an average line
Your lies are crucial, they don't ride salute you
But I spill my guts 'bout the suicide, seppuku
I need money

I need money, not to bling, self-boast or greed reasons
But to bring health to the most diseased regions
In God We Trust could bring silver lining to ill environment
I'm finding if you really grindin', that's the real assignment
I don't know about you man, but I'm here tryin' it
I need money

But it was soon patent to every observing mind that the ways of wealth were not the ways of honor