Claustrophobia Testo

Testo Claustrophobia

Walking in streets without any names

Feeling your body's leaving you

It's reality time won't wait for you to help

Claustrophobia, Claustrophobia
The walls are too high to escape

Lonelyness, Lonelyness

People owning faces made of stone determine the turn of day

Among these creatures you look for confidence

They are nothing but shadows of their own

Feelings are cooled down flashes in the sand

And the heat disappeared a long time ago

Lonesome the thoughts wither in emptiness

Once there was summertime

Once there was friendship

Once there was love

But today an icicle perforates your dreams

Barriers arisen from an unknown force

Start circling around your grey old eyes

And the wind roars through your hair

Figures of pain remember your brain

You've never forgot the tears you shed

Hit by a scream which never reaches the outside

While the clouds continue to gather low

Darkness crawls over your burnt soul

Red hearts fall on frozen snow

Claustrophobia, Claustrophobia

The walls were too high to escape

Lonelyness, Lonelyness