Midnight In Shanghai Testo

Testo Midnight In Shanghai

When I see a sunset, I see the past as the future
I see the rotation of the earth and all the angles of the wind
I notice lives unchanged and come to grips with all we are
and all we are never meant to be

I see the false emptiness and overflowing joy of life
I see much more than the stars much more than the sky
I become the earth as it breathes through me
I learn that through our symbiotic coexistence we can thrive
I realize that all facts are fiction while the earth tells no lies
I see more in the world through believing in the world

I see sunsets solve quandaries, only brought about by our bodies
I see infinite constraints only bound by their conception
I wonder if you have ever really seen a sunset
If you were to look deep you would see yourself
You would see the world as the earth breathes through you

And you will see that you are the sun, the earth,
and everything you've been looking for
By leaving your mind open, you may stumble upon doors
that have been passed over

I understand that not many people
will come to see a sunset in their current lives

have you ever seen a sunset?