Have a little faith Testo

Testo Have a little faith

Break the silent spell

Soon enough the shell

Will open wide

Show what?s inside

Never was a mask
That would always last

Crumble in time

The walls that I climb

Wait a little longer, you pray

How could I refuse, so I'll stay -

For a while

Give you time

Wait a little longer, you pray

Learn together with me to stray
Down the road

To unknown

Have a little faith

And the blind will walk

Down the winding road

And the silent talk

Have a little faith

And your dreams come true

As the world unknown

Will belong to you

I shall end the game

Walk right off the scene

If cards will fall

Out of your sleeve

The world can feel so cold

With the words untold

Most of us share

What we can spare

Wait a little longer?


Have a little faith?