Turbulance Testo

Testo Turbulance

Look, I’m the type to chase the throne, nothing else
Going at this shit alone, I don’t need no help
I’m the undisputed champ, motherfuck a bell
My flow is water, I’m backstroking like Michael Phelps
Olympic 6’s on my feet, 40 glockin niggas
I run with killers, pimp hustlers and cane dealers
Lane switchin, I’m smoking, I’m multi-talented
On a scale of one to ten – eleven’s how I balance it
Sharpshooter, armed dude, shoot to kill
Have your bones breaking like you balling out in Louisville
You niggas need some milk, softer than a bag of silk
I’m self a shockering, hard boys, I won’t get killed
You can bet yo cool ass life for it
Criss for money, even kids heads can have a price on you
No fucks given, swear I’m on some nitrous shit
‘Cause it’s fuck the world, bustin up and then I write this

Last week I had discussions with the palm reader
She say my music’s meant to turn up the applause meter
Claps and standing O’s, platinum plaques of gold
Either way she say success be in my future, that’s the pros
Only time is once you’re honest like this hit from half the globe
What the fuck? Been grinding hard to pick this lock and crack the code
Breaking the industry, making infinity plus
It’s all about money to us
You gon probably in ruckus when labels get wind of our stuff
Even opium dipped and it’s time for unique
We suffer from doing, we stunt in our sleep
Dream about wasted, get money for each of my buddies and me
It’s not who gain, it’s who I can be and I’m hungry so bon apetit
Vocals is deep, no one compared and no one compete
They end in my spell ‘cause I overachieve
And I’m giving em hell like they got em in me
Taking that apple from off of the tree
Swallow and bite, horrible life
Til I decided to do what I need to proceed in this game as a lethal emcee
It’s hot, catching my breath
Carion Lex and we battle to death
No comparison, lyrical javelin
Soon as I’m stabbing then people start showing respect
From east to the west hah
Both of us get love, haters get act up
Stay on my lane and you get crushed
Plus I’m terrific, I’m blessed, duh
Kali was first and I’m glad, he deserved it
When that’s who I name I say next up
We put in that extra, time in the studio yea sir
Forget ya