Dominoes Testo

Testo Dominoes

It's loud and clear – I feel it stronger
Red-blooded love - is there no longer
Decode my heart – and stop pretending
That you can write another ending
Crashin'… burnin'
In this… lovestorm
We are changing…
Winds are turnin'
Rising… Falling
Winning… losing
We fall – when we touch
We fall, right down
Like we're dominoes
My heart, and yours
Are breakin' one more time
I feel you're, so cold
Cause you don't give a damn
Come on baby you know
We're joined, from end to end
We fall, right down
Like we're dominoes
We fade, away
A little day by day
I wish I, could say
That we're not black and white
Come on baby let's stop
Give up, I win the game
One day connected – to one another
Then disconnected – far from each other
And I'm losin' – all my religion
I believed in you ‘cause I knew the truth
So wrong – so right
This is – crazy
So black – so white
Love-Hate? Maybe?
Come close – go far
I don't – know why
We fall – when we touch