Full Moon Light Testo

Testo Full Moon Light

Like a thief in the night you came in
Stole my heart didn't know what hit me
And I dont easily give my myself away, away
In the look from a strangers eyes
I lost track of space and time
I couldn't think of a single word to say, to say

Next second you got you hands around me
Pull me closer my heart is racing
World is spinning when your put your lips to mine, to mine
Your breath on me baby, my body shaking
What had died boy, your kiss awakened
I swear never have i acted this way
I must have lost my head

In the full moon light
When the stars are bright
You know im gonna follow, follow, follow
And you know, you know, you know
And The full moon light
Makes the wrong feel right
I can never say no, say, no, say no
Can't let go, let go, let go
Boy anythong you want, want, anything you want, want
My body, body, body
Boy anything you want, want, anything you want, want
Caught in the full moon light

I don't care bout the consequenses
No going back i have lost my senses
I never knew i could want someone this much
In the night wher the shadows playing
Dirty secrets, freaks are creeping
Giving in and im feening for your touch

You're The kiss of death and my soul you taken
I surrender you left me naked
Can't you see you make me crazy this way
Look what you done to me

With our passion burning bright
When we lock eyes
I don't wanna lose this feeling
And i don't wanna end this night
So just hold me tight
While we're waiting for the morning