Another Life Testo

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Testo Another Life

Here we are at last with nothing left to say now
'Cause everything that's gone will never be
And I lost it all that one and lonely blue night
Everything was fine
Yes, I know I should have waited for you, baby
Where were you when I was needing you?
And a hundred times I called but you were not there
You were far from me
Another life, another lover
Where in the world do lonely dreams ever go?
Another night, another blue day
It is so long, long, long, long
Why not tell me that you cared so much to keep me
'Cause you knew it was the only thing that mattered
And now it's time for us to go together
Without games or lies
Where you sit and watch me smoke the lonely night away
There must be something more that's left for somewhere
Something that will save this love forever
It must never die