What do have on yourself? Testo

Testo What do have on yourself?

Not your face

not your eyes

not your body

What is it?

That makes me so hot

that makes me so crazy

please babe say me what is that, babe

what makes me so cry?


I have no idea, what do you have on yourself? No idea, why I don' t can let my eyes from you? Help me, give me the answer. Help me, help me.

What do you have what other haven' t? how do you bring my heart to crash? only a glance, only a smile, only a nice word enough, that I going to smelt.

Than I see you at the first sight, and my mind flown away? you look so regular, but have something on you, that makes me crazy.



I can and will only of you, you never forget and only dream from you. You are everything for me.

I can' t stand it any longer without you I want be always be with you, because I will you, I will you



I think barley I know the answer and she is: you has enough personality, you make me always laugh. you are different and for it I love you, I LOVE YOU