She Could've Been Mine Testo

Testo She Could've Been Mine

(Keith Anderson/Chuck Cannon)

I remember summer 1993
She was tall and blonde and tan and man, she was all in love with me
She started talkin' 'bout our future and it scared me half to death
So I ran away but to this day her memory takes my breath
You should've seen her smile
You should've heard her laugh
And oh the way her eyes would dance
When she brushed her hair back

She could've been mine
She would've been in another place and time
And now and then I go there in my mind
She would've been
She should've been
She could've been mine

Home for the holidays, a friend's party New Year's Eve
I turned around and found familiar blue eyes staring back at me
A little girl came runnin' up and took her by the hand
And a memory in miniature said, “Mommy, who's that man?”
You should've seen her little smile
You should've heard her little laugh
Oh the way her eyes just danced
When she brushed her hair back

(Repeat Chorus)