The Ice Ape Testo

Testo The Ice Ape

I'm working on dying
Ay, yeah
Oogie Mane he killed it

[Verse 1: Keith Ape]
난 그냥 마음이 아퍼
그래서 필요해 아편
얼음이 컵과 손목에 담겨
육각수 wanna be diamonds
오늘 난 [???] 사버려
오늘 전부 다 피워버려
오늘 [???] 한꺼번에 피워버려
주먹엔 얼어버린 육각수, 얼음덩이, ice
All on my body, [???]는 마치 서리
[???]같이 나의 손목 위에 얼어버린 서리
말아버린 3.5 gram짜리 원숭이 꼬리

[Hook: Keith Ape]

[Verse 2: Chief Keef]
She think that I'm an astronaut 'cause what's up on my shirt (what's up on my shirt)
She say that I am wavy, as I know how to surf, aye
[?] in the desert eating dessert
Come and turn your shit into a desert in disperse
Don't get hurt, go to church
Bitch my shoes is your bird
Follow, do not disturb
Fuck my coupe, on the curb
Got that uzi and a vert
Drop the tall 'cause I'm a cop
Know this bitch ain't got no play
Got the savage [?]
Yeah, aye, you smell the ramen in the air, aye (ramen in the air)
She told me something but I ain't care (I ain't care)
[?] how it feels, huh (how it feels, huh)
Lil K gotta chill (lil K gotta chill)
Hit a nigga in his lips, huh (hit a nigga in his lips)
Slam a nigga on the [?]
They Lebron, you both Durant, huh (they Lebron, you both Durant)

[Hook: Keith Ape]

I'm working on dying