Closer Testo

Testo Closer

Late last night I woke up suddenly I felt the need in emergency
Thoughts of you are lying fresh on my mind, as I reach to pull you close to me
Imagining ecstasy, loving you so gently in everyway,

This feeling in me let me share tonight with you making love until we both satisfied
Come lie down here next to me I will love tenderly and will just let the feeling go together you and I will groan,

Closer, closer I wanna be close to you,

Every time I think I have had enough I can't seem to get enough love what I feel for you I cannot deny, and when I hold your body close to me you give me love so freely, sending chills up and down my spine,

Every inch of you I will please, turn on your love inside me will make this love last forever, tonight you and I we will share the feelings that has never been felt its time to let our feelings show baby don't you wanna groannnnnn,,

I wanna be loving you babe, feeling your love all to me yes I do.
Yeah yeah yeah yeah,

Come a little a closer just a little closer darling; don't be afraid to love me babe,
I can feel the need love is coming over me and can't wait, I can't wait no more,
You got to come on close, come on close,
I wanna be close to you, yes I do