La Saga 2000 Testo

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Testo La Saga 2000

(feat. Dreddy Kruger, Faf Larage, Prodigal Sunn)

[Intro: Dreddy Kruger]
Yeah, back up in here again
From Medina to Marseille
You know what I'm sayin? La Saga 2000
Takin Francs to the bank

[Dreddy Kruger] "Dreddy Kruger"
[Chorus 1: Dreddy Kruger]
Up in Sad Hill, IAM, the Sunz of Man
Royal Fam rule, IAM, you know the jam
Faf Larage, wrapped in camouflage
Hip-hop in Mars to Medina is fuckin large

[Chorus 2: Faf Larage]
Ici la Sad Hill, IAM et Sunz of Man, Royal Fam
Faf Larage sur son frein
La Saga 2000 pour te remetre à la page
Hip-hop, international de bic et Mars

[Dreddy Kruger]
I can't see a thing, but I care
A mouse piss on cotton, my style is rotten
Spoiled by vets who Protect they Necks
Do the knowledge to the mathematical slang that's handsome
Funny hot dogs get played at the speed of fast forward
For comin toward me with that bullshit, I'm from Bushwick
7-1-8, get it straight, you're fake
I slap the shit outta you with your own fuckin tape
Dreddy Kruger from New York, Faf Larage go ahead and elaborate

[Faf Larage]
Sunz of Man, IAM, Royal Fam, Conquête et Faf Larage
Un Pacte de rhymes larges, Bic et Mars connecte
Je vois les fraimes suspectes, c'est ce qui me ralèche, texte
Cette shit est worldwide
Coeur sfou le son a font, c'est chaud qu'on y aille
Optimisé pac mick c'est high quand je taille
En amorcement voilà c'que c'est, c'est d'rester un exemple
Concrée d'un petit qui vient de la rue
Pour ceux qui avaient pas le choix, pour ceux qui croient
Pour ceux qui voulaient reussir mais qu'on a bridé en bas
Pour ceux qui croient que notre place est dans des usines ou des prisons
On vous chie dessus, vise les sommets avec les notre et on y prend dessus

[Timbo King: cut and scratched] "From Medina to Marseille"

[Chorus 3 x2: Prodigal Sunn]
We movin on strong, learnin right from wrong
When you dead, buried and gone, yo the world goes on
You see, life is like a Sad Hill song, some blast chrome
The ghetto is a place that we all call home

[Prodigal Sunn]
It's the universal Sun-splash, when the guns blast
So run fast, some knights saw the blood and hash, green grass
A team of solid brass load a machine for task
Reminice about the days when I schemed for cash
Thought that was the past, never thought my dreams would pass
Havin a flashback, I was a king, movin to jazz
Vocal pizazz, every word is sharp as the last
We move in dark mass, tune as a harp, we mind cast
Keep my body fast, like a whirlwind, of Tai Chi
It's the alley do-or-die emcee, one man assembly
I simply, came to rock this M-I-C
Endevour to be the greatest livin form of energy

[Faf Larage]
Sur la vie, comme une mélodie triste mais demain juré
J'en ferai la symphonie de mes tripes
Pour ceux qui ne savent pas lire
Y faut qui puisse m'entendre, écrit pour ceux qui comprennent
qui faut s'en sortir ensemble
Écrit pour ceux qui veulent niqué le rap
On sent que certains naz ont plus d'impact et gunshot

[Prodigal Sunn]
I spit my shit like a hurricane
Tearin your frame, sparin your family name
Strange and insane from a lifetime of pain
Used to roll dice on the train, precise in the game
Fuck your ice, fame and shame, I splice juguler vain
Spit that W slang bang, witness the bloodstain
The flood came, sustain the grain through mud and rain
Sustain the grain through mud and rain
Yo, sustain the grain through mud and rain

[Chorus 3]

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 3: last 2 lines only]

[Outro: Dreddy Kruger (Prodigal Sunn)]
Marseille.. Marseille.
That's how we do it (It's just that world that we live in)
Francs to the bank (We got plans to live large)
La Saga 2000 (We got plans to live large)
Yea, yea, Kheops (It's just that world that we live in