La Raza Testo

Testo La Raza

Q-Vo, aqui estoy, MC Kid Frost
Yo soy jefe, maton, yes the Big Boss
My cuete's loaded, it's full of balas
I put it in your face and you won't say nada
Vatos, cholos, you call us what you will
You say we are assassins an we are sent to kill
It's in my blood to be an Aztec Warrior
Go to any extreme and hold no barriers
Chicano and I'm Brown and I'm proud
Guantes, chingazos, simon tu sabes, get down
Right now, in the dirt
What's the matter? You afraid you're gonna get hurt?
I'm with my homeboys, my camaradas
Kicking back millaje, y pa mi no vale nada
Yo soy chingon ese, like Al Capone ese
Controlo a todos solo never try to swept me
Some of you don't know what's happening que pasa
It's not for you anyway, cuz this is for the Raza

[Chorus x2]
This for La Raza, Raza
This for La Raza, Raza

The form I'm speaking is known as Calo
Y sabes que loco? Yo soy muy malo
Tu no sabes nada y yo vienes halo
Been hit in the head too many times with the palos
Still you trying to act cool, but you should know
You're so cool that I'ma call you a culo
You're just a pee wee, you can't get it ever
You're a leva
Your own barrio doesn't back you up
They just look at your ass and call you a poolbutt
And so I look and I laugh and say que pasa
Yeah, this is for the Raza

[Chorus x2]

Cruising in the calle, headed for the bolo
No want to go with me, so I had to go solo
And when I go out alone I'm packed
I touch all that chavalas when they know that I'm strapped
Everytime that I pack my piece
I pull it out quick all the nonsense desease
Just like the song when you're 18 With A Bullet
Got my finger on a trigger, I'm not afraid to pull it
If it gets out of hand I know some mafiosos
Quick to pull out cuetes on some stupid ass baboso
Sitting there wondering what's happened, que pasa
Yeah, this is for the Raza

[Chorus x2]