You Ain't Right Testo

Testo You Ain't Right

[chorus - Diane Gordon]

you're no good

you're no good, baby

baby, you're no good

you're no good
you're no good, baby

baby, you're no good

[verse 1 - A.L.T.]

I was raised in a rough neighborhood

up to no good

I'm looking at the older fools in my hood

I wanna walk like 'em

I wanna talk like 'em

I wanna be a little G and hold a glock like 'em

I wear my dickies creased, I wanna sag
I wanna inhale some paint out of paper bags

and big puffing up a block got a fat money roll

and a firme '64


I guess it's me against the world

I'm only 13 and I'm raising up a baby girl

and I'm inducted in a hall of crime

'cause they jumped my ass in back in '79

now how you gonna tell me, that I should get a job

dirty money spends easy so I'd rather rob you, fool

but that's how it goes in the hood

and momma used to say that I was no damn good


[verse 2 - A.L.T.]

I knock on the door about 6 in the morn'

"where the hell you been now it's the crack of dawn?"

I've been working in the studio hooking up some videos

but she knows I was out with some little hoes

it's like that song it's a thin line

she's starving for attention cause it's been a long time

and when I come home, I smell like a woman

there's lipstick on my collar

a phone number on a dollar

but that's just me

and just last week she found a hotel key

now every single time

she be hitting star 69

not knowing who she might find on the other line

will it be my homey

or will it be my hina

will she come home early and find her

hittin' that thing like I know I should

my woman used to tell me I was no damn good


[verse 3 - A.L.T.]

Nowadays it seems like things ain't the same

it's you and I killers in my gang

and all these little fools are looking up to me

I'm 33 so they're calling me an OG

and I'm telling them the stories of the old day

and how we handled things in our own way

we wouldn't drive by like a little punk

we'd tie his ass up and throw him in the trunk

we fought toe to toe and stood like a man

not shooting out the back of an Astro Van, damn

but nowadays they all on that speed and crack

and most of them ended up on their back

with a tag on their toe

I guess they didn't know

from 1981 to 1994

rest in peace

but that's how it goes in the hood

it's 1995 and it's still no good

[scratching(to all the homies rest in peace)]

[chorus x2.5]