Riverside Testo

Testo Riverside

I will wait for you, by the riverside
By the river
It's quiet down there at night
By the riverside

Let's fish for gold and throw off our rags
Paint a new scene where the shopping trolley snags, and we're in
Into the river

I will watch you sink, to the river bed
Ripped then washed then laid
On the river bed

I do believe that I had no choice
You have another now you're paying the price, for the high-life
Into the river

I turn back round to head for land, and saw the oyster in my hand
Spit the pearl into the sea
I paddled franticly back down, to where I left there on the ground
Where I put her jelly off to sleep

I will wait for you, to come up for air
Say my sorry's, praise the lord
It will be good to have you here

Things ebb before they flow
Just like the summer, needs to have snow
We need light, we need dark
Before you take off, you must come down
Come down, come down, come down, come down, come down, come down
Down, down, down, down, down by the river

There is life and then there is none
We need moisture, combined with the sun
So we can tap-dance
Create lights
Into the river we climb in at night