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Testo Daily Routine

See I'm a have to hit my Sway I'm feeling free free, woah
Man this right here my CD
Ain't know me from the jump
But now they front like we be homies
Was down up in a rut
But now I'm up, just like the old me
Y'all need to take a break yeah, woah
Man this should give or take yeah, woah
Broke down the doors I got the keys
Now they know all about it
The way I snap on everything
You think I'm DJ Khaled woah
I spit a verse and let the mic drop
Watch me and your favorite rapper do a face-swap
This new shit is Gucci
Over here just like I'm GuWap
And all these new blessings got me screaming Hallelujah
Okay this one strikes a chord
My ego that's a double-edge sword, yeah
I had to wake up in the morning
Look my self up in the mirror
And I gave myself this pep talk
To make things clear

I said today
I'm a go out my way
I'm a, find some better words to say
And I'm a dapper down yeah I look so clean
Swear the grasses never look this green, no
I said today
I'm a be my own boss
I'm a, never take no loss
I said today, hold up, yeah I'm a just do me
I swear that should be my daily routine

I like my pizza cold and my women colder
She too stubborn or I would've told her
And every time I'm with my buddies
Yeah we never sober
Wake up feeling 10 years older
And I gotta let my heart beat through these words
This what I just deserve
Flow so sweet yeah this that desert
But I'm a let my work do the work
Mom they love it when I smirk
Please don't get up on my nerves
Yeah y'all gon' find a curve
I'm a young man, yeah
With a young plan, yeah
I went and did it for my hometown, my homies
If they don't hit my phone up they phonies, yeah
And I've been doing me so long I'm feeling lonely
Did it by myself yeah I think it's time I owe me
And it took, a couple long years to write these songs
Guess how long that takes to right wrongs
Sing along

And they gon' talk down
But you knew they would
And you don't lash out
Even though you should
It's been a long day
But you still all good
Just look at all the bullshit that you withstood
And I learned one thing
Fuck what they think
The hardest part about writing your story
Is knowing that you're worth the ink
So let's sing, say what