I Wonder (Life) Testo

Testo I Wonder (Life)

[Verse 1]

It was late night
The plan was cheddar, mission impossible
Meetin' with my apostles so we can spread like the gospel do
My thoughts maniacal
But at the same time, barbarian, man
We got minds like aliens but they portray us in the wrongest manner
That's why we come off like the criminals
That's why I keep close contention with my habituals
My earthly status maintains the baddest, but in beauracracy
Man, they stoppin' me from reachin' what's written in prophecies
Stoppin' me from the get-go, got me wantin' to let go
My mind's intent, though
But it took more to perfect, so
If I could, I'd have my skull encased in anemantium
The prophet said he would come last and I came right after them

[Chorus x2]

I wonder if there's an over and under beneath me
Did earth decieve me
You can listen but don't believe me
'Cause the fact of the matter
It's more chit than chatter
And before your cake blows, you gotta mix up the batter

[Verse 2]

We broke night
Everybody was drunk, so I spoke light
Fuck the trife, the name of this song is "Life"
I'm tellin' like tattlin', but they ain't listenin', they babblin'
Others stay battlin', while on the low the snakes is rattlin'
And water paddlin', they got me swimmin' towards infinity
Tryin' to put me under but my challas took a fit for me
Hittin' me heavily, steadily flowin' like a faucet
Gurglin' got me jumpin' over hurdles, thought I lost it, see
'Cause evil seems to be attracted to the opposite
That's why I chill with a smirk and laugh at my conglomorates

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3]

At first I wrote this verse to enlighten the slumberin'
Had time to burn like lumber and livin' life had me wonderin'
All sorts of situations like facin' mental insanity
Lyrics were a plan to see
If the world could understand the three levels of lyrical lavishness
You say I'm fabulous, they say I'm fabulous
But hey, I'm just used to havin' this
So remember the name Thunder, 'cause you're gonna hear it a lot
Got more cock than a glock with more cuts than barber shops

[Chorus x2]