Intro Testo

Testo Intro

Hello. I know you've been waiting a very, very long time for this project, and I apologize for the wait. I want you to listen with all ears. Close your eyes and open your mind. Enjoy.​

The reason why I wrote this song is just for you to feel me
I been going through al ot of problems just to make a living
All the pain that I induced had left a hole right in my feelings
So I came to realization, is it worth what I am fearing?
So I thought to myself, too many books on the shelf
Too many reasons that I wanna terminate just myself
So I just sit back in the past, too many exes have crashed
I don't wanna tell another story 'cause it's always so sad
But I'll explain what I just do when I get pushed to the edge
Had to sit back in my thoughts and pray that I don't end up dead
I just

With this body of work, I'd like to introduce you to my mind. All my pain, all my love, and all my emotions in my project for you all. I want you to open up your mind. Don't be scared to let loose. I want you to hear, I want you to feel, but I also want you to feel more than you hear. We all go through struggles in life, and times can be bad. But you're not the only one, I can relate also. And I hope this project can aid or cure any depression or negative energy in your life. Enjoy. Introducing, Moon.​