Anxiety Testo

Testo Anxiety

I got this feeling in my head its called anxiety
it keeps on pumping through my veins all up inside of me
i've got no control of what i'm doing any more
all i want to do is hit the fucking floor

bury me, underneath the ground
i don't ever want to be found
you can't help me

i'm just a lunatic, stuck up on a loop
everything i'm doing now just feels like a joke

i know i'm just so sick and i don't care
stop staring at me, i'm loosing it
i don't want to be around you,
you make me sick, and i don't know why

i feel like i should just be killing somebody
i feel like i want to be dead with that body

i'm feeling all so feeling
i'm feeling all so feeling
i'm falling, i'm falling
i'm falling, i'm falling