Snitchblade Testo

Testo Snitchblade

Loose lips sink ships and in these days and times motherfuckers walk around with a little more than a limp.

You gotta know that I'm dead serious.

Ain't playing with the game, it's still the same.

Never gonna try to change or make it new cause in the end you didn't play the game cause the game played you.

Fuck the police, don't need them as you see. We'll handle this thing, let that pussy bleed. No need for a cop to make the spot hot. Just keep your mouth shut. Cause if you talk to a cop you're one dumb fuck and...
So it goes round.

Here it comes back round again. This time you'll meet the end. Not of my fist or a friend's. Here it comes back round again. This time you're who'll pay. Can't keep your mouth shut. Get hit with a snitchblade