Breakdown Testo

Testo Breakdown

Verse 1:

august fifteenth nineteen seventy three
teenage woman gave birth to me
came straight out no surgery
only complication it was hard to breathe
hung around in my lungs until the age thirteen
momz felt the fear but it didn’t scare me
i’m so gung ho i became a marine
then i lost my dad at the age nineteen
ever since then me and my life has been fighting
staying up late night with my ink pen writing
damn my life has got so exciting
chasing these broads looking so inticing
you rolling with me baby, huh alright then
hey yo hutch plug my mic in
step in the vocal booth and start reciting
shit so personal no choice but to like it

verse 2:

cause it be hard as hell to get peace under the bright lights
that’s why i stay high off quevo and blow kush every night
trying to escape the drama and reality that life brings
hoping that i don’t become a full blown dope fiend
everybody trippin on the recession
contemplating suicide player they need to be counting their blessings
hard to put the world on your shoulders
when you sailing in a boat full of hater’s plotting to tip the ship over
man i spit the truth i can’t sugar coat it
it’s to real in the field plus i’m to gangsta for it
that’s right i’m to gangsta for it
wonna play billy the kid with me and get your whole hood tore up
fool i show out when i show up
cause i’m a product of a nation of people distraught and mentally fucked
maybe when i’m gone it will be better because i feel i’m in the way on earth searching for heaven

verse 3:

i know you getting mad but i’m still going to shine
hit thetop spot and i’m still going to climb
you in the front but i’m still in line
that don’t mean that i’m a stay behind
that just means i’m going to wait my time
see how it is when i design my lines
way much more than just beats and rhymes
metaphors is your thing but yo not mines
i’m about motivation and inspiration
helping you make through them tough situations
i’ve done been there and felt the fustration
but the only way to really make it through is patience
i’m in the game my therapy is entertainment
my words are like pictures frame it
ten toes down solid and won’t change it
kimeyo you can’t tame me

it’s cold enough for snow to fall in here
it’s cloudy but the smoke is gone and clear
i can’t take no more i’m so sincere
breakdown, i’m a breakdown
breakdown, i’m a breakdown

written by: k. daniels; g. hutchinson; a. ransome; a. ransome
featuring: valerie swann, big hutch & kiante hensen

produced by: manistyles for manistyles productions