A Grand Debate Testo

Testo A Grand Debate

There's a massacre at hand,
Making victim of expanse of comprehension.
We're murdering pursuit of deeper inquisition
By together taking part in solitary conversations.

Do you listen for the wisdom?
Or a foot hold to disarm,
And inflate the ego?

Speak and seek profound.

Interpret the words unspoken,
The benefits they bear
Outweigh semantic quarrelling,
And everything being heard well
Could take us further than we are,
If only we desire deeper understanding.

So is the message sinking in now?
Can we desist circling and skirting issues?
All stubborn pride aside, may betterment grow viable
For the whole of human life,
From our agreeing to be liable.

So let us listen;
Are you listening now?

Do you see that our lies disguise shortcomings?
Like inability to relinquish the self?
Just let go, and become wise,
Realizing there's always but a single side
To our debates.