Arise Dear Brother Testo

Testo Arise Dear Brother

We should get together when the day is done
Rised to the moon and slept with the sun
You don't have to rush my pace, I always come
I think you're the one
But wait
There are some trouble with my number
No, I'd rather be with you, lover
Sometimes she goes wrong
She needs to comprehend and stay strong
Even though you fucked him, I don't really give a shit
Maybe 'cause of my absence, you say it gives you (?)
Inside, let the sky lose side, (?)
(?) she lie
Girl, it reminds me of why
She's not my kind
Then I (?)
Came back to hold me sometime
Another week I feel weak
(?) I speak
No (?) I've seen
I told him all of this and he felt sorry for me
When I'm me, am I me
A blue moon in a tree
And in the (?) I can't sleep
Oh, you can complain but I like to keep the (?)