Fat Tape Testo

Testo Fat Tape

(Ah yeah)

I make real fat tapes, and I like the sound
Sayin lines from the mind, never writin em down
Though a talent I have had for quite some time
Not everybody enjoys a good rhyme
I couldn't care less for anyone else
Put a rhyme on a tape and listen to it myself
If something is wrong, I gotta erase
I think of something much fatter, and then I replace
I see it as a deed, done for reward
My voice with a beat makes you wanna record
King Sun with the sounds you could never escape
Every time you turn around, you hear another fat tape

I went downtown, to buy a fat box
Everything was included, so the tape could rock
Had dual cassette with the auto reverse
Made sure that I had the fat tape first
When I looked in my bag, cold had a fit
Couldn't find one tape with hardcore -
I was so upset, and ready to get ill
Then I thought about a kid who lived up the hill
I went to his house to get my tape
He was playin the jams from the fire escape
I told him that I needed my tape today
He said to tell it to the people in the alleyway
Who are havin a party, but it had to halt
Pass of my tape, and it ain't my fault
Went back for the box I came to get
Bought new batteries for the fat cassette
Godfather of Rock, the one with the box
Playin 24 hours around my block
Some people okay, but I'm in good shape
It cost 5.99 for a fat tape

Bust the rhythm & blues, here's good news
For those of you that love the hip-hop
Continuous beats play through the streets
And the good news is that it will not stop
(Check this out)
It's contagious, like a bad disease
Attracts many people like a dog does fleas
Though it pumps as this party jumps for only 1 MC
I am the activator, sole creator
Down with the man who rocks the crossfader
Back and forth, to move south and north
And to increase at such a level, and I can go off
Slow or fast, yet to get faster
Capability equivalent to the masters
Knowledge known, wise words to be spoken
Record what I'm sayin if your deck is not broken

Maestro, I conduct, make mega bucks
And this tape will certainly self-destruct
No mission's impossible, I'm unstoppable
Afford to record on tapes that are droppable
Various beats that rock the street
King Sun who you anticipated to meet
My tape will sore to unlimited heights
Contract of insurance in case you might bite
Put a tape in a box, start walkin around
No need to rewind or turn the tape down
Turn it up past 10 and have no fear
You are playin one of many fat jams to hear
In the winter or the summer, or any time
Nothin is recorded over none of my rhyme
Soundwave static, no interference
People applaud by the sight of my appearance
No top hat, Tuxedo or cape
Just me on the m-i-c and a fat tape

Some tapes are heavy, and I mean fat
I record in a level above the hi-hat
Bass drum plants fear into your ear
With the help of the snare it will ruin your gear
Rippin off your clothes from your head to your toes
Idolize the sound that many people have chose
Sound so live, you would think I'm in it
So much pleasure on a 60 minute
Cassette, to eject shows disrespect
Bustin out a 90 minute full of hi-fi tech-
nology induced, well givin a boost
I get loose, and I do it for a musical use
Not done for the money, or to impress
I do it, because this is what I do best
King Sun is the one, fruitier than a grape
Everytime you turn around, you hear another fat tape

Bust the fat tape

Louie Lou
And the Co-Pro Brothers