Punish With Death Testo

Testo Punish With Death

Dark side prisoner
You have no alternative
Be obsessed by a delusion
Intending to kill
Infant terrible
Someone's fate's changing
Reality is all over again
Without fail
Have something inside the brain
Be stained with bloodlust
Lost of humanity
Distorted greed unbound
Destroying the human heart
Start a chain reaction
Slaughtered in vein
Eyes that bleed
The reaper manipulates your mind
Bringing you to your death

Tear you down!
Feel the deadly cold
Shame on you!
The helpless minds of you
Deep inside of you!
Devils that drive you
Losing your mind!
The last thing you'll see:
Hell! Grave!
In human violence
Looking for sacrifice
Straight out of hell
Prevail your life
You were way out of line
Covering the truth
I can't believe my eyes
Without fail
Have something inside the brain